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So, what is the best advice for women over 40 seeking love? The first thing is to ignore the gainsayers - if you listen to them you may end up thinking you'll never find love. The truth is huge numbers of women over 40 do find new love every year.

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But enough of the plug! Read what Stephanie Constantina, dating author and relationships expert, has to say on the subject of finding love after 40 below.

Women Over 40 CAN Find Love!
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Now let's begin by getting something straight. If you're in your 40s you're actually still quite young. People these days (in the West at least) are living well into their 80's and 90's. So if you're, say, 45 then you're probably only half-way through your life.

So, far from being on the scrap heap, you're just starting out on the second half of your life. You're still pretty young, get it?

Once you realize this reality then you have taken the first step toward shedding your fears and hang ups about dating again at the age of 40 or 50.

The next step is to understand that there are very large numbers of people out there dating who are your own age! These days, with such a high divorce rate in particular, to be dating in your 40s or 50s is normal. Long gone is the stereotype that by 40 everyone has settled down with their life-partner. It's just not the case any more (if it ever was).

At 40 plus you have gained a great deal of life-experience, yet as you are only half-way through you still have more to gain. Nevertheless, compared with a woman of twenty you are a much better prospect for most men.

Is that a startling claim? Perhaps. Most men are strongly attracted to youth and beauty of course, yet deep down they know it won't last as they've seen beauty fade before their eyes in their family, friends and acquaintances. So men over 40 may sometimes think they are looking for a 'younger model' but more often than not they end up with someone of their own age.

A woman of their own age is at a similar emotional level as they are in the sense of having experienced life up until that age. A woman of their own age has also been through the same cultural changes, the same fashions and styles in music, food, clothes -- you name it.

So a 40 something man needs a 40 something woman if he is to have somebody to actually talk to and to interact with through shared experience. Youthful attraction is all very well, but even men get bored with it in the end if there is nothing else to propel a relationship on.

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The basis of any lasting relationship is a great deal more than physical attraction -- that is just the starting point. The men who matter -- the men who you want to meet -- know this and are prepared to explore a relationship for its own sake, not just to date a girl who constantly gets mistaken for their daughter!

So, the secret of successful dating over 40 for women -- if it really is a secret -- is to be comfortable with who you are, to feel confident in your own skin. You have experienced by this age many of the worst and the best things that life can throw at you, you have experienced pain and pleasure worse and better than you ever thought possible when you were 20. Take those experiences, realize that they are the valuable things in life that make you who you are and go with them.

The other vital thing you need to do to be successful with dating in your 40s or 50s is to find the right man and be able to distinguish him from the time wasters and those who are still hung up on old, now-finished relationships. Weed them out, find the men who understand that a mature women is more attractive to them than one half her age and concentrate on developing a relationship with such a man.

If you can take those two things on board and live by them in your dating life after 40 then you shouldn't go far wrong.

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