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If you're searching for a Scottish woman for dating and possibly marriage then you've reached the right site. From this Scottish singles dating and advice page you can find out more as well as search the photo personals -- and so meet as many single Scottish ladies as you would like. To view the photo personals now use the panel to the right >>>>

Scottish Women for Marriage?

A small word of warning here. It's all very well to search for single Scottish women for marriage because you have some pre-conceived idea about what Scottish ladies are like. But remember this: any marriage relationship is based on the compatability of the couple involved, that is to say how well their personalities 'mesh together'.

A marriage to a Scottish woman made just on the basis of an idea that a Scoottish woman would make a good wife could be doomed to failure. Love and mutual respect have to play a central role in any marriage.

Any marriage, to a Scottish woman or otherwise, must start with friendship and dating to find out if the couple are compatible. Then comes falling in love and only then should marriage follow. To seek a single Scottish lady for marriage directly -- as if to completely miss out the dating and the falling in love stages of the relationship -- cannot surely be the right approach?

We are certainly not saying here that there is anything at all wrong with seeking a Scottish woman for marriage, not at all, just be aware of your own stereotypes, that's all....

And why Scottish women for marriage anyway? Is it the romance of Scotland, the highlands, the open spaces? Perhaps it is the old Scottish way of life that appeals, but bear in mind that modern Scottish women may be very different from any stereotypes you might have. If you are a Scottish man then you probably already know this...

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If you are not from Scotland but would like to date a single Scottish woman then it might help you to know which are the most populous parts of Scotland. Edinburgh and Glasgow are the leading cities, each containing around a half-a-million people. The highlands (large mountainous area, very beautiful) has a population approaching a quarter of a million people, as does Aberdeen, while Fife has a higher population in the 300,000s. As Fife, so North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire. West Lothian, Falkirk, Dumfries and Dundee also have relatively large populations.

There is a link to maps of Scotland further down this page.

You can find Scottish Women for Marriage at PenPalsPlanet. PenPalsPlanet is part of a high-integrity dating service for everyone, including single Scottish women seeking marriage or friendship. The service, across the globe, has millions of members; it's especially good because it protects your email address and your personal details -- very important these days.

The purpose of the single Scottish women for marriage or friendship page is to provide advice and resources for single men seeking a Scottish lady for marriage, dating or friendship. Of course the aim should be to get to know someone first then fall in love, whether in Scotland or anywhere else, before having any marriage leanings.

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