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In the light of the scamming and other problems that have gone on in recent years regarding Russian women personals in general at all dating sites, one has to approach the Russian man personals with some considerable caution. These scammers are making things difficult for honest and decent Russian men and women.

In the light of the said difficulties we are now including on this page mens' personals from eastern Europe and Northern Europe outside the Russian Federation: countries such as Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus. We have also included Scandinavian men from Sweden, Finland and Norway. To access the mens' personals from these additional countries use the lower search box on the right of this page. The top one is just for the Russian Federation.

Let's begin on this page by looking at Russian men as historical figures, then think about whether we should consider them as dating partners -- if we live in America or Western Europe that is -- there's no problem at all if you are yourself Russian and reading this.

Given the concerns mentioned above, why do we have this page at all here at Like the information to follow, it's historical in nature. This site has been running since 1999 and this was one of the pages made in that year or soon after. In those days the makers of this site were not aware of any problems with Russian personals and so this category was treated just the same as personals from Western Europe. Once you have a page it's very difficult to get rid of it in our estimation. To do so interferes with site structure and can easily create broken links, so it's better to update it as circumstances change -- that's our approach anyway.

Russian Men As Historical Figures

OK, as promised, let's start with a very brief look at men from Russia in history.

Russian men have been heroic, tragic, magnificent and cruel in history (much like men from any other country, in truth).

The Tsars or kings of Russia ruled with great strength and control, keeping a largely peasant population under their thumb. This changed with the Russian Revolution of 1917 when the communist Bolsheviks, by the end of that year, had taken control of the country. They had the existing royal family killed. In later years of the early 20th century the suceeding communist leader, Stalin, exercised an iron control over the country, setting up prison camps for those he saw as obstructing the revolution. A later survivor of one of these 'gulags', Alexander Solzhenitsyn, wrote about his experiences in a novel, 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich'.

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Both Russian men and Russian women suffered, not only those in prison camps but also as a result of famine and poverty. Stalin's five year plans led gradually to some economic improvement by the beginning of the second half of the 20th century.

It was Mikhail Gorbachev who changed the Russian one-party communist state to a multi-party democracy in the 1980's that resulted in widespread economic change in the country and which led to the Russia we know today.

Russian Man Personals and Other Eastern European and Scandinavian Personals

Now if you are not Russian and in the light of the scamming of Western men that has been happening in recent years with Russian women personals across the Net, you must think carefully about whether you want to access the Russian male personals. You might want to consider men (or women) from other Eastern European countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, as well as others in Eastern Europe such as Poland, the Czech Republic or Romania. Then there are Russia's northern neighbours, Finland and Norway. Men and women for dating or friendship can all be found through the second search box above, on this page.

If you do proceed with Russian personals please proceed with caution and be aware of the scams out there. Of course there are plenty of decent Russian men who would genuinely love to meet you, but it is distinguishing them from the minority of scammers who want your money that has become increasingly difficult.

About the Russian Personals Accessible From This Page

Whether you live in Russia or elsewhere, you can view a long list of Russian men photo personals by carrying out the uppermost search on this page. To search is free, quick and easy, so you could give it a try right now if you are determined to search for Russian men. Just select 'man' or 'woman' and the age range before clicking the button and you will be taken to the Russian man personals.

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