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Here's a useful guide to dating resources for those over 40 here at SingleDating.com and beyond. But if you want to get straight to the over 40 online dating personals then go directly to the search box to the right >>>>>>

At SingleDating.com we have wide-ranging articles and advice pages for singles of all ages, but let's review what we have available specifically aimed at singles over 40 who want to explore online dating for the more mature single.

When this site first started up in early 1999 we immediately wanted a section for over 40 online dating. We aimed it at the over 40 mature single lady but the brief but useful advice it gives equally applies to mature single men.

Later we branched out with other resources for the seeker of over 40s online single dating, notably with pages for the over 50s -- Love over 50 online -- and the over 60's -- Senior Personals. For a time we felt that the numerous articles we had online giving advice about dating would provide well for the over 40 single too, but then we began to see the need for more specific age-related pages.

Thus it was that more recently we have been adding new pages aimed specifically at over 40 online dating. So we have some very good advice for men on how to use their age and experience: Dating Women For Men Over 40. And we have another excellent article also by a guest author about how to be confident in dating when you are a women over 40 and how to be comfortable with who you are: Women Over 40 - Finding Love.

Amongst our latest articles in this subject area is Over 40 Women Dating which really provides tips for beginners for dating women over 40. So, if you are new to online dating, check it out! We also have an over 40 page aimed at Black dating: Over 40 Black Dating. There's more on these dating over 40 pages at our blog: Dating Mature Men or Women over 40: pages update

Our best advice for where to pursue over 40 dating online is the PenPalsPlanet.com dating service. PenPalsPlanet has a large database of singles over 40 and it has the advantage over other dating services that there is no automatic rebilling of your credit card each month if you upgrade to a paid subscription. Initially, like most dating services, it is free to become a basic member. You can search the PenPalsPlanet database for people over 40 using the search box top right -- or go directly to PenPalsPlanet.com by clicking on the name and searching from there.

Although PenPalsPlanet has a large database of singles over 40 for online dating in

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PenPalsPlanet is straightforward and real quick to use for over 40 dating. It looks after your personal data and your email address and keeps them safe. It will cost you nothing to join, and if you do happen to upgrade to a paid option then you'll happily find there's auto-rebill of your credit card, which can't be said for most other dating websites.

American, British, Canadian, Australian -- you name it, everyone is welcome here from every country across the world. Give the over 40 search box below a try and view some great profiles right now.

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Some resources at this site that might help you to find out more about dating, for anyone over 40 or under 40:

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English-speaking Western countries such as the US, Britain, Canada and Australia, you might also want to try FriendFinder, especially if you are looking outside the countries mentioned above, for singles over 40 (friendfinder) online dating friendship. If you are a man looking for a woman over 40 you can click here to instantly see suitable profiles in the US. Conversely, if you are a woman seeking a man over 40 in the US click here: Men over 40.

Many over 40 singles using online dating have reported that they have found eharmony to be very useful. It is a little more expensive than the other dating services described on this page, but as it takes the different approach of matching people through a series of personality criteria, it may well suit the over 40 who is seriously seeking a long term relationship.

Over 40 Online Dating Tip:

As an over 40 when you are writing your dating profile you can 'filter out' people you do not want to contact you simply by specifying that you are only interested in getting to know people for dating who are over 40. This will avoid having to wade through messages from obviously unsuitable people from age groups you do want to consider...

Search for over 40 dating at PenPalsPlanet.com. Check out our top-rated service by clicking on the link, or use the search box higher up this page to view the profiles and meet women in your city or area today.

Find out more about PenPalsPlanet policies and your safety: Why choose us.

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