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Online speed dating services have their advantages and disadvantages, like any other kind of dating service. Speed dating just does not suit everyone. Some men, for example, report that they do not like to meet women through these services.

What is more, speed dating services are probably best suited to the confident, outgoing type of personality. Shy, retiring types may find its 'in-your-face' nature hard to cope with.

Then there are issues of what happens if speed dating events are cancelled (due to insufficient numbers, for example). Will you get your money back? You will need to look carefully at the terms and conditions of the speed dating service you use.

Currently we still prefer the 'old-fashioned' kind of internet dating. Check out: SinglesFinders. Not an online speed dating service. This is not to say that we cannot see the advantages of speed dating. If you are an out-going type who is open to new experiences then go ahead and give it a try!

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What is Speed Dating?

Originating in the 1990s, speed dating is a method of dating that involves an organized event in which a large number of people meet. Each participant pays a fee to take part, these fees can be quite hefty in some cases.

Each participant then gets the chance to meet and talk to every other participant of the opposite gender on a one-to-one basis for a few minutes for each one. Then it is all change and on to the next one.

By providing feedback about who they would like to see again, the participants can be given the contact details of those they are interested in where there is a mutual interest. While it removes uncertainty about who is interested in whom, speed dating foicusses very much on first impressions and then only for a few minutes. First impressions can be deceiving of course, and in a traditional 'blind date' you may warm to someone twenty minutes in to the meeting when you were initially keptical about suitability, a situation that would not be enabled during speed dating.

As a dating method it also favours the outgoing and works against those who are shy or inclined to be tongue-tied, so is certainly not for everyone.

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