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Using Your Picture Effectively in the Photo Personals - How to Avoid Being Ignored

by Stephanie Constantina

Using the Photo Personals Online to Your Advantage Not Disadvantage When Posting Your Picture.

When joining an online photo personals service, posting a good photo is essential if you are not to be ignored by other singles. These services are not called photo personals for nothing! Yet many people waste this opportunity. They post photos that show them head and shoulders with a bored or miserable expression. Or they use a photo that is simply too blurred or dark to show much. Some even go for a 'whacky' picture that shows just part of their face, or shows them at an odd angle.

The photo posted to your online personal profile needs to be flattering, of course, but it also needs to reflect the kind of person you really are. It is hard to beat a picture which shows somebody smiling. Your photograph in the photo personals is the first glimpse of you that someone else has. Do you want to come across as a friendly, approachable person or someone miserable, strange or unsympathetic?

This is why going to a professional photographer who specializes in online photographs specifically for use at the photo personals is certainly not a waste of money or time. On some online personals sites you will find listings for such photographers by area. Don't be tempted to ignore this aspect - it is far too important to take any shortcuts and then end up using an inferior photo image.

After all, you're paying for the online personals site, aren't you? If your online photo image is one that everyone using the site simply glosses over and ignores than you'd be wasting your money.

Okay, the reality is that not everyone is going to go to a professional photographer for their online personals photo. That's human nature. If you can, and if you also can see the importance of doing so, do go to a professional photographer. But if you can't wait to get started or intend to upgrade your photo or photos later then you will need to think carefully about what you can achieve, photo-wise, on your own or with a friend's help, immediately.

What, then, you should be aiming for, is a well lit photo picture showing you in a natural stance, looking comfortable and happy. This could be an image of you from the waist up, inside a building or outside, dressed in casual clothes, essentially being yourself - a portrait, in effect. If you can, take several photos or get a friend to take them for you.

Many photo personals sites online allow you to post several photos, PenPalsPlanet Photo Personals included. In this case one or two of your secondary photos could be head and shoulder shots, others whole body shots.

It is probably best that you use what is effectively a set of photos all taken on the same occasion rather than a mish-mash of different photos from different times and places that could make you look - to someone who doesn't know you - like several different people.

Taking time and making an effort with details such as these can make all the difference to your experience and success in using the online photo personals. Now look for examples of how to get photos right (and wrong!) above right.

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