Online Dating Tips for Shy Guys


Online dating tips for shy men

If you're a single guy searching for a compatible woman for dating and possible marriage then you're at the right place. From this 'Shy Guys' personals page you can search the personals listings and meet as many women as you want. Start by using the panel to the right >>>>

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Specific Online Dating Tips For Shy Guys

First bit of advice: conquer that shyness! I know, I know, it's a lot easier said than done, but the point is, it can be done.

Read up all that you can about shyness and how to get over it, irrespective of whether it relates to dating or not. Shyness is not some kind of disease for which there is no cure. You can overcome it if you first find out how to.

If you are not chronically shy but just a bit so then you might be thinking about where are the best places to meet single women.

There is also the question of how to approach women with confidence. If you can take the pressure out of things by not considering that you are chatting up a woman with the purpose of getting her to date you, then you are taking a good first step.

I mean, go into the situation with the intention of just chatting to someone win a friendly way, not with any specific intention and where the outcome doesn't matter.

If you can cultivate this approach (especially until you become more experienced at approaching women) and combine it with the habit of talking to every woman you can, almost whatever the circumstances and almost regardless of how attractive you find her, then you will build up the necessary experience and confidence to approach women.

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If you do not have any specific intentions when you chat to a woman, other than practicing chatting for its own sake, then you are not going to risk rejection, which may be one of the fears holding you back. You can't be rejected unless you put something on the table to be considered. You will also avoid any fears you might have that she already has a boyfriend who will suddenly appear and become possessive. "Hey, nice to meet you, we were just talking about the lack of gyms in this town," you might say to a suddenly appearing man in such a situation. You are innocent, you are not chatting up his girl.

Another aspect to consider, if you are a shy guy, is where you are going to look for dating opportunities. A noisy nightclub is far from a good choice. Choose somewhere more casual, more normal and in day time. Trying to converse over loud music just leads to confusion and lack of interest.

One of the best places to practise getting to know women is online. If you join a quality dating site such as then you should find ample opportunity to practise your chatting skills and so gradually get over your fears and inexperience. You might not even consider yourself to be a shy guy any more.

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