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Meet Single People Online: How to

by Stephanie Constantina

How do you meet single people online? Stephanie Constantina offers some helpful ideas on the subject.

You're a single person and you'd like to meet other single people online. Before you can get going with this there are a number of things you need to consider.

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The best place to meet single people online is at the online personal sites. but before you can begin to use such online singles sites you must ask yourself what exactly your purpose is.

Do you want to meet people because you are looking for a life partner? Or are you looking to meet singles for some casual fun? Or perhaps you are simply looking for penpals?

It is very important that you are clear about your aims when meeting people online or you will not present yourself correctly in your online profile. If you give out the wrong signals you will not attract the kind of people you want to meet.

If you are just looking for penpals, for example, but you do not say so clearly in your online profile then you will be liable to be contacted by anybody who has joined the single site and likes the look of your profile. This may not be a problem in itself, but it will mean wasted time and effort on your part in weeding out those people who you are not interested in.

Of the online singles services, I always recommend that you meet single people through PenPalsPlanet. I have set up a search above so that you can search the PenPalsPlanet database directly from this page. Using it you can search for single men or women right away. Do a test search and try it out now. Neat, isn't it!

But why PenPalsPlanet? Simply because they are one of the most efficient and ethical of the online singles sites.

Aside from the kind of relationship you would like to meet people for, you must also consider more generally the kinds of people you would like to meet. For example, which age group are you considering? If you are looking for people over 40 you could try our age-specific search here: Single People over 40.

Or perhaps you are searching for people online by country? We have country-specific search boxes at this site. For example if you wish to confine your search to people in America, try our American single search.

If you join PenPalsPlanet and use it sensibly you stand a very good chance of meeting the right single people. This is not least because of the very high numbers of single women and men who use the online personals service at PenPalsPlanet, as well as the ease of use and efficiency of their system.

But perhaps you are a little doubtful about using an online dating service to meet people at all? I have outlined some further advice on this topic in detail at a page about dating services online.

Remember that good quality online singles services where you can meet single people for friendship or love are places where everyday people go to meet other people -- these are people who have busy lives or people whose jobs prevent them from easily meeting others.

PenPalsPlanet has over millions members and growing. Why not dip your toe in the water and start with a simple search of the online singles database of PenPalsPlanet Single People now. Just scroll up this page, make a few brief selections and click the 'Find!' button. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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