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by Stephanie Constantina

Dating sites that are free to join are not hard to find online, in fact they are amongst the most prevalent of sites. What this means in practice is that there are many different kinds of dating sites -- and dating site subscriptions -- out there, both in terms of what they offer AND their quality. Would you want your email address sold to the highest bidder? Or to find your credit card automatically billed each month even though you'd stopped using your membership a while ago?

These are some of the practices inherent in some free to join dating sites available online. What most people want from a dating site is to subscribe for free to a reliable service that protects their personal details, one that enables them to decide each month if they want to continue with their subscription or not. It's pretty simple really.

So, to cut through the confusion we have done the work of sifting through dating sites for you. What we have come up with is . It has the things a reliable, trustworthy dating site should have. It also has a very large database of singles so that you increase your chances of finding the right person for you. You can quickly and easily join MySinglesDating by going to the site and clicking on the 'Become a Member' link at the top of the page. Here's a list of some of the things the site has to offer:

  • Create a free profile.

  • Does not rent or sell your personal data or email address.

  • Does not create fake dating ads to lure singles into subscribing.

  • Has a large database of singles running into millions of members.

  • Does not keep automatically billing your credit card each month.

  • You can view and reply to online messages from people interested in your profile, and do so for free.

  • Is strict about its policies and protecting its members.

Our research shows that meets these criteria, which is why it is our recommendation for the dating site free subscription to sign up for.

If you are not ready to sign up at once then check out the members profiles first -- use the panel to the top right of this page. Most of all, have fun with your free dating!

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Or view the profiles of our recommended dating site to join:

Get a feel for the site and what it has to offer -- check out the members profiles. It's also very quick and easy to do so: just select from the drop-down menus below and click to go to the profiles. You'll be taken directly to the profiles of your choice at our choice for the best dating site to join:

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This page is for identify what to look for when you want to subscribe to a dating site for free...

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About's role: is an affiliate of -- we chose to be because we believe it's amongst the best out there. To find out why and how some other sites might even not be fair with you, take a look here: MySinglesDating - Why Select Us.

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You arrived here because you want to sign up for dating or you need no-sign-up dating! In any case this ia one of the free subscription dating sites, so use the links near the top of this page to join at no cost now.

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