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What is it that is so special about Hispanic women? It's hard to define but I'll have a go. That a Hispanic woman is special is not in doubt, for surely these are some of the most beautiful women in the world?

So, let's consider their appearance. I don't think it's down just to appearance by any means, as culture and background, as well as approach to life, all have a part to play.

Appearance wise, there is no doubt that Hispanic women are exceptional. Perhaps it is the contrast between their dark hair and lighter-colored skin that is a factor here, though some Hispanic women do have darker skin of course. Their dark eyes, almost black in some cases, seem to be deep wells of mystery waiting to be explored.

Hispanic women come principally from Central and South America, as well as Mexico in North America. They have inherited their dusky looks from the Spanish in Europe, who had a large empire spanning the Americas. However, Hispanic women are not just descended from the Spanish but also the indigenous peoples of these regions, also to mention there being an African influence too. What a beautiful combination!

Map of Hispanic Populations

With their long limbs and cheerful outlook on life, there is no doubt that these women are very alluring indeed. If you are a Westerner then it is entirely understandable why you are drawn to such beautiful people.

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