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Welcome! From this page you can quickly find a French pen pal for friendship (or even dating). So view our French pen pals profiles now by using the panel to the right >>> >>> >>>

The search you carry out on the right of this page will yield single French pen pals or French-speaking pen pals.

Ah, the romance and magic of la belle France. The art, the literature, the cuisine... How wonderful to find a pen pal in France. Now you can, using the panel to the right. It's very easy to use, just make your selections and click the button. Only moments from now you'll be viewing the profiles of French women or men who are seeking pen pals - the very people you are looking for!

French Pen Pals Points of Interest

Here are some useful points of interest about French Pen Pals.

  • The term 'French pen pals' may in some cases be used as a euphemism for 'French Internet dating'. However, as a term, 'French pen pal' has a softer and more friendly feel to it, and this is probably reflected in the intentions of the people who use the term. In other words the man or woman who searches for French pen pals is probably using a shyer approach, looking initially for French friends online that might later become people to date.

  • French is known as the 'language of love' because of its beautiful sound and its associations with romance. How exciting then to have a French pen pal - email him or her to practice the language of love.

  • French is the first or second language in at least 43 countries in the world. It is also spoken by up to 125 million people across the globe. So, plenty of potential French pals then...

  • French is an official language of Canada, Belgium and Switzerland, which is why we have included these countries as options in your search for French pen pals.

  • The French language is also an unofficial second language of countries such as Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. So it is possible to find French pen pals in these countries too, or at least French-speaking pen pals.
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