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France Dating, French Love

by Stephanie Constantina

France Dating and French Romance

Ah, the magic of it, a stroll along the Champs-Elysées, the moonlight bright upon your face...

I'm getting carried away, but really there is nothing quite as romantic as Paris by moonlight. France is after all the home of the French language, the language of love.

But what about dating in France? Yes, they have online dating in France too. In fact, our associate SinglesFinders has a way to quickly find the personals of French women and men. Here it is, to the right, the search box for France and French speaking people. All you have to do to use it is make a couple of selections from the drop-down menus, then click the 'Find' button and you'll be whisked away not exactly to France, but to the photo personals of people in the French-speaking country of your choice. Here's the French personals search for PenPalsPlanet, give it a try. > > >

More on French Love and Dating.

'French amour', you've heard the term no doubt. But how do you pronounce this French word for love? It is actually "l'amour". But where does the idea of French as the language of love come from? Why are French things 'ooh la la'?

The idea originates in England. Whereas the harsher sounding (to the English ear) German became a language denoting efficiency and practicality in its sound, French with its softer latin-based sounds became the language of romance.

Perhaps there was some confusion in the mind of the British public over the term 'romance languages' -- meaning originating from Rome, i.e. the Roman Empire and so being Latin-based. Whatever the case, French literature and later film strengthened the stereotype of the French language and culture being associated with love and romance.

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Portrait of Marie ManciniLeft is a portrait of Maria Mancini, the principal love of Louis XIV, which can serve as our example of French female beauty, as part of our attempt to understand the English fascination with French amour.

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