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Filipina Pen Pals Facts

Here are some useful facts about Filipinas and Filipina pen pals to give you some background information.

  • The term 'filipina' is the feminine form of 'filipino' and refers to inhabitants of the Philippines. 'Filipino' originally referred to people of Spanish people born in the Philippines, but since the last century has been used to refer to all occupants of the Philippines.
  • Many consider Filipinas to be amongst the most beautiful women in the world. This may be why Filipina pen pals are so highly sought. If you go to the Filipina personals by using the colored search panel above you will be able to see why. You may find a real Filipina beauty...
  • You may probably be able to communicate with your new Filipina pen pal in English, though this is not always the case. Over 170 languages are in fact spoken in the Philippines, and Tagalog is a widespread Philippines language taught in schools throughout the country under the name 'Filipino'. However, both Filipino and English are the national lingua franca.
  • Most (though not all) Filipinas are Roman Catholic in their religion. This is a cultural legacy of the over 300 years of occupation by Spain.
  • When speaking colloquially, some Filipina pen pals may refer to themselves as Pinay, which is formed by taking the last four letters of Philipino and adding the suffix 'y' then turning it into the feminine form by changing 'o' to 'a'.
  • Many beautiful Filipina women are described as 'marriage-minded', meaning that they are amenable to the idea of marrying a foreign man and living in the United States, for example. But if this is what you as a Western man have in mind too, do read one man's experiences of marrying a Filipina and how it didn't work out as he expected: 'Beware Philippine Girls, Take a Look At Vietnam' at

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