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Female pen pals:  Welcome! From this page you can quickly find a female pen pal anywhere in the world for friendship or dating. So view our female pen pals / girl pen pals / women pen pals profiles now and get a new pen pal right away!

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Here are some useful points about Female Pen Pals or Girl Pen Pals, to give you some thinking points.

  • The term 'female pen pal' is often used as a euphemism for something along the lines of 'female for internet dating'. However, as a term, 'female pen pal' has a much softer and more friendly feel to it, and this is probably reflected in the intentions of the person using the term. In other words the man searching for female pen pals is most likely taking a friendlier approach, looking initially for female friends online that may later -- once he gets to know one of them better -- turn into a dating kind of relationship.

  • It is perhaps strange that female pen pals as a term of use should be prevalent in the internet age when it is in many ways an old-fashioned term, reminiscent perhaps of the days of the 'forces sweetheart' of World War II. This was a time when pen pals were a way for men and women to pursue a romantic relationship when separated by the necessities of war.

  • Many consider Filipinas (female occupants of the Philippines) to be amongst the most beautiful girls in the world. This may be why Filipina pen pals are so highly sought after of female pen pals in general. You can find beautiful Beautiful Filipina pen pals here. You may actually discover a genuine Filipina beauty...

  • Another very popular location for a search for female pen pals is Costa Rica. Costa Rican pen pals are considered to be very beautiful also, and again are amongst the most popular of girl pen pals, particularly in the United States it would seem.

  • Is it important to you to be able to communicate with your new Female pen pal in English? This is a point to take into account when you browse through the girl pen pals profiles. Alternatively you may wish to take the opportunity to learn another language within the process of emailing a female pen pal. Something to think about, perhaps...

  • And what about religion, and cultural background? If your new female pen pals come from very different backgrounds from your own, you will have to take this into account also when talking to them by email. You must learn to repect their cultural background and their different views on things, particularly when it comes to matters of dating and romance. Women from many countries are much more reserved when it comes to such subject areas than American men may be used to, for example.

  • Many beautiful Filipina girls and Costa Rican girls are described as 'marriage-minded' towards Westerners and American men in particular. This means that they are agreeable to the concept of marrying abroad and living in the US, as one example, but there is a lot to take into account when considering such a relationship developing from a friendship with a female pen pal. People relocating from one country to another is not always a successful thing and careful thought should be given to all of this
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