Does He Like Me?

How to find out if he likes you...

Well, does he like me? It's the overriding question in the minds of many women when they come into regular contact with an attractive man. This may be at work, in a social setting or even when encountering the same man regularly at the supermarket or elsewhere.

So what are the signs that he does like you or not? Men may give out confusing or contradictory signs at times. Interpretting these signs is by no means easy. However, on this page we have tried to give you some help with answering the eternal question "Does he like me?"

When asking yourself the question does he likes me or not you may find it easier to find the answer if you are using online dating to meet men. This is because there is less uncertainty with online dating. Someone who likes you will contact you through the dating service, and you will know at once that they are attracted to you, through your profile. So, on the face of it, it's a lot simpler to know if someone likes you - at least initially - online. If you are considering online dating then you could do a lot worse than checking out our top recommendation - just carry out a profile search to the right of this page to get started.

Here's more advice from Stephanie Constantina, our staff writer here at Also check out What Men Want From Women

Does He Really Like Me? Here's How To Find Out
By Stephanie Constantina, staff writer at

So, you're going out with a great guy, everything seems okay, but you're not sure. He hasn't broken off the relationship, or dumped you, but things are just plodding along without much happening. So, does he like you? What are the signs that he really does but he's just a little shy or slow to reveal his feelings.

Or maybe it's not a guy you're dating yet, he's just a member of your social group or you see him from time to time. You like him, but does he like you?

A lot of the mystery of finding out whether he really likes you or not, given both scenarios I outlined above, lies in his body language.

Does he smile when he sees you? Does he try to make an excuse to be in the same place as you? You might be able to find out the last one by asking someone he knows about it -- though be careful, you may not want to reveal the fact that you like him yet.

Other body language indicators about whether he likes you include things such as does he turn to wards you when he is speaking to you: does his body position suggest an 'openness' towards you and a trust in what you say? If you think about how someone defensive would stand, or someone who is hostile towards you then you might get an idea of what I mean.

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How to know does he like me? -- we provide some pointers on this page...

A big clue as to whether he likes you or not is if he stares at you or wathces you. It may be hard to know if he is doing this but if you can catch him staring then at the very least he is interested.

Best of all, if he tries to impress you with something he does, his expertise or skill in a particular area, then you can feel sure that there is some interest in going out with you. Combine all the above, watch his body language without letting him know you are doing so, and you have some big indicators of whether he likes you.

Final note: if you like him don't put him off by giving off false body language indications yourself (these are often read by people sub-consciously). If you are shy or hesitant you can inadvertently put someone off you who actually does like you.

In general it's easier to answer 'does he like me' with online dating such as than it is in the offline world. So, if you want more certainty in these things check out our top-rated service by clicking on the link, or use the search box higher up this page to view the profiles.

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