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What is it about Cuban women that is so alluring? Naturally if you are a local man living in Cuba then you are here to find women in your own country. But I'm betting that most of you visiting this page are from the US or Europe.

Obviously Cuban women are stunningly attractive because of their Latina looks. With their dark hair, tanned skin and flashing smiles what man could fail to find them beautiful and attractive. But you are here not at a general Latin women personal ads page but specifically at one for Cuba. So why I wonder?

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Do the women of Cuba look different from other Latinas? Well, maybe, but I rather doubt it. I think it is the combination of Latin looks and the country itself. There is, incidentally, the old idea of the local cigars being rolled by Cuban women on their thighs as they make them. What a stroke of marketing genius that was for whoever thought it up! (Or just maybe, it's completely true...)

But if Cuba itself is part of the draw then it's hardly surprising. Due to its relative political isolation it has remained almost in a time warp in terms of technology and architecture. Yet at the same time it has made great educational and health progress.

The capital of Havana, for example, and incidentally where the cigars are made, is a wonderful old city of colonial architecture full of huge old classic American cars from the fifties, all carefully maintained and in regular use. Combine that with the beautiful, cigar-rolling Cuban women and it's no surprise you want to view their personal ads! There they are, to the right of this text, just waiting for you to uncover. Who will you find on the other side...?

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Ileana, clarinet player from the National Symphonic Band of Havana, Cuba. (This illustration has no connection with the personal ads on this page.)

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