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The Amigos Chat Rooms (Salas de Charla) - Part 5

Chat Room Rules

Please note the salas de charla rules which are there for the good of all users. You must be over 18 years old to register at Amigos or use the site (this applies to using SingleDating.com too). If the salas de charla are to be of any use to anyone in meeting and getting to know new people en Español then there have to be rules to protect other users. Quite rightly, these begin with a ban on the use of foul language (en Español o inglés) and on the use of any kind of intimidatory or hate speech. You are also advised not to persistently interrupt the conversations of other users or repeatedly post off-topic comments. There is also a ban on using the chatrooms for commercial purposes, and to this end it is against the rules to post any web address or url, regardless of purpose.

As noted above, never post your personal contact information - this is against the rules in order to protect you from those who would do you harm. Avoid conversation of a spicy nature and do not post Copyright Feb 2014 ed material. Nor should you post any information of an illegal nature. Never try to collect or post other people's handles or personal contact information and never impersonate another or misinform other users. This is only a summary of the main points and should not be seen as exhaustive or authoritative - you can read the rules at the salas de charla page.

Treat the rules with respect and also respect the other members of a sala de charla you are visiting. Remember that you would not like to encounter argumentative or pushy people so conduct yourself appropriately. Always be polite and civil and only use the chatrooms for the purpose intended - to meet and chat with new people. Then when you are ready, try going to the dating or friendship listings outside the chatrooms, and don't be shy, make contact with people en Español o ingles who interest you. That's why they have posted their profile, so that you can make contact with them!

Use the dating and friendship service and join those who have seccessfully formed new relationships through this wonderful online medium.


Governed by sensible and necessary rules, the popular Amigos salas de charla provide an outstanding chance for you to meet new people for dating or as penpals. As these hispanic chatrooms cover different hispanic countries, world regions and topics, you should not find it hard to meet people who are interested in the same things as you. Here is the link to get started at the Amigos Chatrooms / Salas de Charla:

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