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'East meets West', the old eternal phrase that expresses both the differences and the coming together again between Eastern and Western culture, has an instance once again in the concept of Asian pen pals. This time an extra factor thrown into the mix is the fact that many Western men are seeking Asian women penpals.

Of course, it is perfectly true that many Asian men are seeking pen pals who are female too and they too will be visiting pages like this one in search of a pen pal relationship that might lead to more, even to marriage. This is all the more true if these Asian men are living in foreign countries a long way from their home country.

However, I do not think I am wrong in saying that by far most Internet users who type 'Asian women pen pals' into a search engine will be Western mem from America and Europe who would like to get to know Eastern women.

So, given that such searches are very popular and carried out in high numbers every week, we may be justified in asking the question, what is the specific appeal of female Asian pen pals for Western men?

This could be phrased in another way as: why, when there are women available locally, would a Western man seek to meet women in Asian countries, i.e. a very long way from home? The answer to this comes down to what is different between Western women and Asian women, does it not?

Then what is different? No doubt what differences there are exist first and foremost in the minds and expectations of Western men. These preconceptions will have a relationship with reality, but probably not exactly a 1:1 equal match. That is the nature of human perception and beliefs and not a reflection of any particular aspect of Western men.

To put it another way, what are the perceived differences between Western and Eastern women? One might add, would these perceived differences make Asian women good pen pals or marriage partners? To begin with there are the physical differences. The Asian woman is typically smaller and slighter in build than her Western counterpart. More delicate, less robust-looking, one might say. No doubt when average measurements are taken this is an accurate reflection of a real difference, but what does its existence say about those Western men who prefer Asian women? One most note here that of course not all Western men exhibit or claim this preference.

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A second major difference as it might appear in the mind of the Western male -- or at least within that proportion of Western males who express a preference -- is the cultural difference. Speaking very generally, Asian women are brought up to be more demure, more family-orientated, more marriage-orientated than is the case with Western women in the 21st century. The Feminist Movement and sexual equality may have so far passed by at least some of Eastern society (or so it will seem to the Western male mind, perhaps).

Do you see a pattern emerging here? What is it telling you about that proportion of Western men who prefer Asian women? I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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